About us

Raz-de-marée is an independent (web)magazine on student struggles based in Sherbrooke.

We welcome contributions above all institutional affiliation to any student association or political organization, to people who wish to share their critical thinking and arguments on issues related to the student movement.

To publish your first text, please contact us.

Moderation policy

Constructive comments and discussions are welcome. You can also post a text in response to an article, for example to present another point of view on an issue. In both cases, texts must be respectful and therefore not include discriminating or threatening language (e.g. transphobic, misogynistic, LGTBQphobic, racist or ableist). If they do, they will be deleted.

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The team of Raz-de-marée

Jean-Michel Laforce
Félix Dumas-Lavoie